Zeke is Stink's teenage friend and the president of the BBA (Bigfoot Believers Association) in Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer (same as the movie). He has made a Bigfoot cave for the BBA members. Stink attempts to catch Bigfoot this summer, but Judy doesn't believe in him. When she finds out that Stink is on the news of the Bigfoot interview, she decides to help Stink to catch Bigfoot to get thrill points if she believes in Bigfoot. He has rainbow parrot-streaked hair.


  • Stink Moody - Judy's little brother who believes in Bigfoot and attempts to catch him this summer.
  • Judy Moody - Stink's big sister who at first doesn't believe in Bigfoot.
  • Herb - A member of the BBA.
  • Rose - A member of the BBA.

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