Toady is Stink's pet toad and mascot for the TP (Toad Pee) Club. When you pick up Toady, you hold him in your hand and something warm and wet leaks through it: Toad pee! Judy tried it first, then Rocky. Stink does too, and make up a club called the Toad Pee Club. In Judy Moody and the  NOT Bummer Summer (same as the movie), Amy Namey holds Toady in her hands and feels toad pee leaking from it, and joins the club too. In Judy Moody Saves the World Judy, Rocky and Frank let Toady go to the lake where he belongs to save the world, but when Stink hears the news, he gets mad at Judy for letting Toady go, and tells Mom and Dad. In the book Judy Moody predicts the future, Judy predicts toady will come back and he did!