Judith "Judy" Moody is the main character of the Judy Moody series.


  • Stink - Judy's idiotic little brother. He reads encyclopedias a lot and knows about everything. He owns a toad named Toady for the Toad Pee Club.
  • Kate - The mother of Judy and Stink and the wife of Richard.
  • Richard - The father of Judy and Stink and the husband of Kate.
  • Grandma Lou - Judy and Stink's grandmother. They go to see her every summer.
  • Opal Moody -Judy and Stink's aunt and Richard's sister.


  • Rocky Zang - Judy's best friend.
  • Frank Pearl - Judy's "pest" friend.
  • Jessica Finch - Judy's classmate who is a good speller.
  • Amy Namey - Judy's classmate whose name rhymes like Judy.
  • Mr Todd - Judy's teacher.
  • Tori - Judy's pen pal from England. She has everything that Judy never has: many sleepovers, a phone, a washcloth, and pounds of allowance. She is a big fan of Bonjour Bunny.
  • Laura Chumsky - An little girl in a wheelchair who has had a heart replacement. She is getting a hamster when she goes home. She is given a doll that looks just like her, like the newspaper said.
  • Chloe - A college student. She calls her friends "peeps".
  • Hannah - A girl who comes to see Judy's cherry pit in Judy Moody Gets Famous!.
  • Ricky - Hannah's little brother. He eats Judy's cherry pit because he thinks it's an M&M.
  • Mrs Grossman - A teacher who teaches Class 3G while Mrs Todd is in Italy. She gives treats for good behavior or good work and has a tent at the back of the room called the Attitude Tent. Judy is briefly not keen on her. Mrs Grossman appears in Judy Moody Goes to College.
  • Zeke - Stink's teenage friend who is the president of the BBA (Bigfoot Believers Association). He appears in Judy Moody and the Bummer Summer.
  • Herb - A member of the BBA.
  • Rose - A member of the BBA.


  • Mouse - Judy's cat.
  • Jaws - A Venus flytrap.
  • Toady - Stink's pet toad and Toad Pee Club mascot.

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